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CEPSA (Engine Oil) AVANT 20W50-20L, Mineral Passenger Car Engine Oil, Spanish Origin

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Cepsa Engine Oil

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CEPSA AVANT 20W50-20L, Mineral Passenger Car Engine Oil, Spanish Origin

• API SN, ACEA A3/B4, MB 229.01, VW 501.01/505.00

• 100% processed & packed in Spain.

• For warm climates,especially for long journeys in harsh conditions where an oil with this level of viscosity is needed.

• Valid for petrol and diesel engines, both saloon and sports cars as well as off-road, 4X4 and light diesel vehicles.

• For turbocharged (TDI), direct injection, common-rail, intercooler, etc. engines.

• Its high detergent/dispersant power keeps all engine components extra clean, avoiding the build up of sludge the build up of sludge and films of dirt.

High-performance mineral lubricant for turbocharged and direct-injection vehicles. Its exclusive additivation provides excellent protection and cleanliness, favoring fuel saving and engine conservation. It offer greater anti-wear protection compared to API SL oils, increase the service life of the engine even in the most severe points, such as the valve train, thus reducing maintenance costs. Compatible with catalytic environmental contaminant removal systems, except DPF or GPF particle filters. Thanks to its low volatility and high temperatures, this oil is ideal for avoiding excessive oil consumption on long journeys.

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